Meet The Mentors

Dr R Gopichandran.jpg

Dr. R Gopichandran

Dr. R Gopichandran has more than two decades of experience working on multilateral environmental agreements especially on compliance assistance; science & technology communication and ecosystems services. Dr. Gopichandran has curated expertise in Non-profit Organizations, Sustainable Development, Environmental Issues, and Government engagement. He comes with a strong professional consulting background with two doctoral degrees in ecology and a degree in law.

Lalit Dashora.jpg

Lalit Dashora

Mr. Lalit Dashora has over 15 years of experience working on Disaster Risk Management, Hydro-Met Early Warning Systems, Multi-Hazard Risk & Vulnerability Assessment, Regional & Local Water Resources Management, Urban Climate Change Resilience and Training & Capacity Building. Throughout his professional endeavors, Lalit Dashora has worked with academia, institutions, ULBs, government & multi/bilateral agencies and successfully built capacity and knowledge platforms to address climate change, disaster risk reduction and urban development.