"Civitas Sustainability Foundation envisions to work towards building a sustainable and resource efficient world by providing advisory and knowledge support to key stakeholders."

Civitas Sustainability Foundation is a young Not-for-Profit Company* in India working with governments, institutions and businesses to develop sustainability strategies & solutions, holistic Corporate Social Responsibility programs, community-based resilience building initiatives and capacity building programs. Civitas has successfully built its forte through research, strategic advisory, cross-sectorial collaboration and impact-based innovations by concerting actions in economic, social and environment domain.

The core philosophy of the company is to integrate the principles of Sustainable Development in all of programs and operations. Civitas strives to demonstrate how a resource efficient and equitable world can be built by connecting People, Policy and Resources.




Positive Transformation through integrating principles of sustainable development in growth trajectory of nation.



Building Partnerships

among governments, civil society, businesses and communities for collaborative actions.



Disseminating Knowledge through capacity building and training among key stakeholders.